HP 65W large pin replacement laptop charger (7.4*5.0mm) for HP pavilion and elitebook


Bulk discounts available 30 days free returns and exchange option available Shipping cost is extra and depends on the location of buyer Replacement chargers come in their own boxes with extra covering to protect them from any damage. Pickup in Mississauga near heartland



Color: Black ;

Input: AC 100-240V – 1.2A 50/60 Hz

Output: DC 18.5V, 3.5A, 65W;

Connecter size: 7.5mm*5.0mm;

Condition: 100% New; Item I

ncludes: 1x AC Adapter & 1x Power Cable

Compatible Models: HP Pavilion G4 G6 G6t G7 M6: DV6-7010US G4-2235DX G4-2275DX G4-2320DX G6-1D21DX G6-1D80NR G6-2210US G6-2213NR G6-2228DX G6-2231DX G6-2235US G6-2238DX G6-2239DX G6-2270DX G6-2278DX G6-2320DX G6-2321DX G6-2330DX G6-2342DX G6T-2000 G6Z-2200 G7-1310US G7-1327DX G7-1330DX G7-1350DX G7-2022US G7-2215DX G7-2233CL G7-2235DX G7-2238NR G7-2240US G7-2243US G7-2246NR G7-2251DX G7-2269WM G7-2270US G7-2275DX G7-2320DX G7-2323DX G7-2325DX G7-2340DX G7-2341DX M6-1035DX M6-1045DX HP EliteBook 2170p 2530p 2540p 2560p 2570p 2730p 2740p 2760p 6930p 8440p 8460p 8460w HP EliteBook Folio 9470m 9480m HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2, 810 G3 HP G42 G50 G56 G60 G61 G62 G70 G71 G72 HP Probook 430 440 450 455 G1 G2; 640 645 650 655 HP 2000 Notebook PC 2000- 2B19WM 2000-2D19WM 2000-2C29WM 2000-2D49WM 2000-2B09WM 2000-2D24DX 2000-329WM 2000-2C29WM 2000-2A20NR 2000-2B44DX 2000-2B29WM

Compatible Part Numbers: 374791-001 384019-001 384019-002 384021-001 391172-001 391172001 391173-001 463552-001 463552-002 463955-001 463958-001 677774-002 693710-001 693711-001 693716-001 696694-001 724264-001 744893-001 751889-001 ED494AA ED495AA PA-1650-02HC PA-1900-18H2 PPP009L TPC-CA58


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